A plastic bag gives You a great opportunity to advertise Your products or brands with the free help of all consumers. After a purchase Your company`s logo is for everyone to see and using a high quality plastic bag, this kind of extra publicity will occur a number of times not only on the way home!


Practical advice before ordering:


1. Think about the following, what for do You need a plastic bag, how much weight should it be able to carry and what are the proportions of the products expected to be carried away with the plastic bags.

2. What kind of material would You prefer? The following abbreviations are used:

LD-PE – softer, more elastic, glossier
MD-PE – has the characteristics of both LD and HD (something in between)

HD-PE – matte, non-elastic, more endurable (suitable for carrying more weight.

3. What colour of plastic bags are You interested in? Will the base colour remain white or would you prefer a tinted plastic? We recommend to choose the colour most contrasting to the design of the logo.

4. What would be the optimal quantity of Your order? The bigger the amount of the bags, the cheaper the price of a single bag in the order! Depending on the size of the bags, it is possible to order a smaller number of bags, but in that case You should take into account that the price of one bag will also be a little bit higher. Since plastic bags are manufactured according to a certain amount of granules, there`s always a minimum quantity per order.

5. If You are a first-time client it`s also necessary to pay the cost of the printing plates, not only the cost of the plastic bags.


Reference models of the plastic bags


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NON-WOVEN BAGS for products...

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... and clothes.

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