Elinken Pluss LLC is a business established to find fast, quality and bargain based solutions for Your products.


We offer:

* plastic bags, plastic bandings and paper bags, plastic postbags:
you can order different kind of plastic and paper bags with Your company`s logo or advertisment.


* design for advertisements and logos:
if You are interested in a one-of-a-kind plastic or paper bag, but you lack the final layout, our designer will happily take under account Your wishes and expectancies to help to come up with a final design that would be up to Your standards.


* different standardized paper bags and white T-shirt type of plastic bags.


* incasement materials
Scotch and masking tapes, stretch wrap films, polyvinylidene etc.


* Packages:
PP buckets, cases and cups of different sizes.



Our prices are flexible and we always try to find the most suitable solution for our clients. We`ll gladly help in case of any further questions, call us for information on the following number  +372 55 664 057

Elinken Pluss LLC


    1. Printed packaging paper:


    2. Textile and PPC material bags:

    3. CPP and OPP pags: