Home and office cleaning and maintenance service


CLEAN THE CARPETS! We offer to keep Your carpeting as well as Your mattresses (from as deep as 25 cm), blankets and pillows clean with a high -tech deep clean vacuum. Highly suitable for people with allergies. Home cleaning services will be provided using a special home care system Kirby.


Following services are available:


Deep cleaning of mattresses – cleans out your bedrolls of house dust mites and impurity from as deep as 25 cm


Deep cleaning of carpets – cleans the carpets of dust and sand more efficiently than any other ordinary vacuum


Carpet cleaning by foam wash – dissolves the stains and dirt that has got stuck to the fibres of the carpet and gives it back its bright colours.


Carpet combing – gives a carpet with flat and lodged fibres a new fresh look leaving the surface soft and fluffy also cleaning it from stains and dirt in process.


Cleanup of soft furniture with a special turbo vacuum attachment – cleans out the seats of dust and sand of sofas and other soft furniture from as deep as 8 cm.


PRICE-LIST for Kirby home cleaning services:


*  Deep cleaning of mattresses: starting from 10 € per piece (one big mattress equals 2 pieces).


*  Deep clean, foam wash and coming of carpets: starting from 3.50–7.- €/m2 per square metre depending on whether You are interested in deep cleaning, foam wash or combing (but also on the size of the carpet and the level of soiling).


* Deep cleaning and wash of soft furniture: 10–20.- €/per place for a sofa, 15.–20.- €/per place for an armchair


*  Minimum price per callout 35.- €

* VAT of 20% is NOT included in the prices shown